Bidwriting Academy

Training you to Win! 

We know all too well the challenges of bidding in today’s current economic climate but the importance of winning new work.

We have therefore used our experience and knowledge to create bookable training programmes dedicated to overcoming the issues that we know a lot of companies face.

Training is delivered by our highly experienced and knowledgeable team members.

Our training will allow your teams to understand the real importance of Writing a compelling and compliant Bid and the ways of working in order to achieve this.

We will also work with you to help you create a Bid library and an effective Bid Management process that will allow you to go forth and conquer.

To find out further information and to register your interest for our forthcoming Training Seminars, please get in touch with us via or call us on 0800 019 9924

Our bespoke training packages are designed to offer advice and knowledge in the following areas:

'Bid/No Bid' Process - Understanding and strategising the right Bids and contracts for your business in the short and long term
Bid Management - How to manage the Bid process from start to finish
Bid Understanding - Bid and Tender documentation and how to make sense of what is required in your submission
Bid Planning - Undertaking planning from the outset within your business and mapping out what is required and where responsibility lies within your business
Bid Research - How to identify what research needs to be undertaken in order to complete the Bid and what strength it will add to your submission
Bid Intelligence - Making sure that you are aware of any client or external factors which may affect your success
Bid Writing - How to structure your written response​s
Bid Reviewing - How to review your Bids against the Tender documentation and success criteria
Bid Library - How to create this to make future Bids and Tenders easier to construct​
Bid Feedback - How to utilise feedback to your advantage to ensure lessons are learnt for future submissions

We can help you learn where things may be going wrong and make strides in the right direction!

If you have received feedback on unsuccessful Bids and are unsure what to do with it or how to learn from it.  We can help to decipher feedback as to why your Bid was unsuccessful and collectively create a 'Lessons Learnt' workshop and deliver this to your staff, highlighting past errors, how to learn from them and prevent reoccurrence.