Bid Reviewing

Bid Reviewing

For every Winning Bid the importance of compliance is critical.

The difference between a compliant and non-compliant Bid can be all that it takes to lose out on that all-important contract and that is why we place your Bid under the magnifying glass.

At, we offer three approaches to reviewing Bids:

  1. Reviewing your Bid and the Tender documents, making notes and suggesting areas that need improving. We will also highlight any grammatical errors, make suggestions for layout changes and assess the Bid against our final Bid checklist.
  2. Review your Bid and the Tender documents, making changes to your written answers as we go. This will be undertaken using 'Track Change', so that you can see, accept or reject our changes as you deem necessary. This can be an important time-saving option for many organisations.
  3. Assess the scoring potential of the finalised Bid against the tender scoring criteria.

Our bespoke Bid Reviewing is designed to offer you the service you require i.e. 'Heavy Touch' or 'Light Touch' and includes the following elements:

  • Bid Research - Identifying that the research included is current and used to the full extent to strengthen your submission
  • Bid Intelligence - Ensuring that your submission contains statements that capture intelligence and defrays the effect of competitor advantage
  • Bid Writing - Ensuring that your written responses capture the tender documentation and success criteria, plus ensure they are structured in such a way as to make them:
    - 'Readable'
    - 'Learnable'
    - 'Scoreable'
  • Bid Case Studies - Ensuring that the presented Case Studies are evidence based, relate to the written content and strengthen your written argument
  • Bid Feedback - Utilising feedback to your advantage to ensure lessons learnt are captured

Additional Resources:

We can help you learn when things may be going wrong.

It is common through other business reasons, for written submission to fall behind programme and we have the ability to quickly draft in extra resources to recover the situation.