Bid Writing

Writing to Win

Winning Bids come from Winning Writers and the talent of the Bid Writer is critical to the success of any submission.

That's why at we only ever give you the very best writers who have been through our Graduate Training Programme and have a minimum of 2 years' experience.

Our Bid Writers are people who are passionate and hard working and care about what they do by:
  • Sharing our energy and desire to grow businesses
  • Getting a buzz from Winning
  • Making your organisation dazzle on a page

Our Bid Writers are without doubt our number one Unique Selling Point.

Our bespoke Bid Writing is designed to offer Bid Writing services which align to your needs. This can either be a light touch approach or a heavy touch approach which all depends on how your 'day-job' gets in the way.

In undertaking Bid Writing services we cover the following service areas:

  • Bid Management - Managing the Bid process from start to finish
  • Bid Understanding - Reviewing Bid and Tender documentation and making sense of what is required in your submission
  • Bid Planning & Resources - Planning the Bid and resources from the outset to align with your business priorities and mapping out what is required and where responsibility lies within your business
  • Bid Research - Identifying what research needs to be undertaken and by whom in order to complete the Bid
  • Bid Intelligence - Capturing any client intelligence and external factors within the Bid
  • Bid Writing - Structuring the written response​s to ensure they are easy to read, contain the agreed 'Golden Thread' and are compliant
  • Bid Reviewing - Reviewing your Bids against the Tender documentation and success criteria ​and maximising the score
  • Bid Feedback - Utilising feedback from your Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and patterning this into your Invitation to Tender submission
  • Bid Lessons Learnt - Capturing vital lessons learnt from your business
  • Bid Evidence - Capturing strong and appropriate evidence to support the written argument