Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a real difference is important to us and dictates our actions. is a respected member of the business community. We work hard on maintaining our reputation, exceeding Client expectations and delivering the most personal and supportive of services. We are also a respected member of the wider community in which we work and believe that our impact and responsibilities are far ranging for a business our size.

Our excellent reputation has therefore been built not only upon our commercial success, but also upon our Corporate Social Responsibility that underpins everything we do. This manifests itself across 4 main areas: Health and Safety, Environmental Awareness, Support for our Community and Pro Bono Charity Work.

We are Health and Safety Aware

As long serving members of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) we take our Health and Safety responsibilities very seriously and have established ourselves as role models in this key area.

In being Health and Safety aware, we have a number of roles to play; firstly, we must be a safe employer and provider of services, ensuring that we set the best of examples. We do this by working to exacting standards, outlined in our comprehensive Health and Safety policies and procedures and by regularly auditing and reviewing our effectiveness in meeting those standards.

Secondly, we support our Clients with their own Health and Safety practices. We share with them our many years of experience in this field, providing both informal advice and more formal consultancy and training to help them keep abreast of the latest best practices. We also make sure that the Bids we write on their behalf showcase their Health and Safety credentials and provide a stimulus of continuous improvement over the course of the contract.

We look after our Environment

We have seen care for the Environment becoming an increasingly prevalent theme in the Bids that we write; and rightly so. Sustainability is important, both in terms of a business and in terms of the planet's resources. We ​work to promote comprehensive policies on the Environment, minimising waste, actively recycling and promoting the use of Information Technology to reduce travel, material consumption and waste.


We work with some of the largest organisations in the world and benefit from their ground breaking environmental care.

We set a good example for our Clients and through our Bid Writing, Consultancy and training work, we help them to win work whilst minimising their impact on the world around them.

We Support our Community

We have a real interest in developing and inspiring young people: the entrepreneurs, professionals and managers of tomorrow. As an organisation we are proud to be part of the Bloodhound SSC Project, a 21st Century Engineering adventure which engages Primary and Secondary school-age pupils in a mission to break the land speed record. By involving ourselves in the project, we are helping to rekindle a national surge in the popularity of Science, Engineering and Mathematics and play our part in encouraging a brand new generation of Engineers...and of course, Engineering Bid Writers.

For more information on Bloodhound SSC and their work please visit

We Support our Chosen Charity

Our chosen charity to support for this year is the 'Anchorage Trust' who in turn support young people in transition who have been homeless or are at risk of homelessness by supporting them to a brighter future and to achieve a positive long-lasting change in their lives.

For more information on Anchorage Trust and their work please visit