Automotive & Transport

The Transport Sector in the UK is at its busiest ever with more people moving around on Road, Rail and Air than ever recorded previously and it is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 5% annually globally.

Due to the increase in demand for transport in the UK and globally, there is significant investment in this sector and others such as Infrastructure and Construction which all have an impact on each other.

Efficient transport is a critical component of economic development, globally and nationally. Transport availability affects global development patterns and can be either a boost or a barrier to economic growth in individual nations.

At we have written many successful Bids covering the following Sectors:
  • Baggage Handling Services
  • Department for Transport - Vehicle Certification
  • Rail Freight Services 
  • Transport Services
  • Travel Concessionary Services
  • Unmanned Airborne Vehicles
  • Hybrid Vehicles


Interesting Facts on the UK Automotive & Transport Economy:

  • Vehicle manufacturers generated £18.9bn for the UK economy last year 
    UK automotive industry employed 814,000 people in 2015 - up 17k on 2014
  • Unfulfilled supply opportunities for domestic Tier 1 suppliers - £4bn
    Number of the world's 20 biggest automotive suppliers with a UK base - 16
  • Components of a vehicle that can be made in the UK - 80%
  • Added Value typically generated by UK automotive suppliers each year - £4.3bn
  • Automotive suppliers in the UK - 2,049
  • People employed in the UK Supply Chain - 78,000

UK Transport Facts for 2015:

  • 19.8 million passenger journeys on light rail systems - the highest volume ever recorded (Rail Passenger journeys have more than doubled since privatisation in 1994/1995)
  • 5.2 billion passenger journeys on local bus services
  • 35.6 million licensed vehicles on the road 
  • Individuals travel on average 6,500 miles per year