Our new Book "How to Write Bids That Win Business" is out NOW!

Our new Book "How to Write Bids That Win Business" is out NOW!

Our new book "How to Write Bids That Win Business" is out now.

How To Write Bids That Win Business brings together over 30 years of know-how in creating and crafting successful bids for tendered contracts.

This book is an invaluable guide for bid managers and bid writing teams. It shows you how to:

- Create a bid writing strategy that plays to your organisation's strengths
- Increase your success rate by focusing on bids you are more likely to win
- Avoid at the outset bidding for contracts you don't want to win
- Embed robust bid writing management systems that deliver results time after time
- Ensure you follow the three golden rules for bid writing success

Based on extensive research, How To Write Bids That Win Business explains what bid evaluators are really looking for, by deconstructing the questions asked and explaining how to answer them to achieve top scores. Parts I to III guide you through the complete bid creation process, providing the tips, techniques and tactics for maximising your effectiveness at the shortlister interview. In Part IV the book examines the forces shaping the future of bid writing, and outlines the three key factors for success in the years to come.

Co-authors Martyn Curley and Stephen Oldbury, co-founders of Bidwriting.com, have advised many UK business-to-business organisations across 35 commercial sectors. David Molian was for many years Director of Cranfield School of Management’s renowned Business Growth Programme and has consulted for numerous companies on developing their brands and growing their businesses. He is a Criticaleye Thought Leader and remains a visiting Fellow at Cranfield.

If you are looking to take your organisation’s bidding performance to the next level, improving profitability and morale throughout the business, How To Write Bids That Win Business is the book you need.

Professional Reviews

As procurement consultants, we see many poorly written bids from prospective suppliers, failing to reflect the actual needs of the client. This book challenges bidders to not ‘pray and spray’ but rather to build a bid strategy reflecting their core strengths. It provides practical advice on avoiding common mistakes at bid preparation and shortlist interview stages, emphasising the value of continuous improvement. With massive growth in the value of global tenders, coupled with higher levels of competition from bidders, the winners will be those who up their game and reassure the better informed prospective clients of their ability to add value and mitigate risk. Following the advice in this book will significantly increase the chances of your business being on the winning side.

Matt Roper, CEO of Buying Support Agency Ltd

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