Winning Across Sectors

Winning Across Sectors

Since our inception over a decade ago, we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients across 32 industry sectors. With our considerable knowledge base and in-house team of experts continually expanding, we succeed in winning work for our clients and continue to maintain our exceptional win rate that we are extremely proud of.

We have worked across 25+ countries all around the world and over the past 6 months, we have had a wide variety of successes, including:
- Major International City Metro contract
- Architectural contract in the transport sector
- National Modular Building Framework
- Care and Support contract
- Design and Print Marketing contract

A Director of a Top 25 Construction Company in the UK commented: "Bidwriting.com worked with me to oversee the development and implementation of a major new contract for property maintenance services and to improve our contract management processes. I found them to be knowledgeable and analytical, with high personal quality standards and business values, whilst being committed to our social aims. They built effective relationships with colleagues, customers and contractors and were always willing to offer advice and support." 

If you would like to find out more information about how we can help you and your business, please email info@bidwriting.com or call 0800 01 999 24.


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